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My blog has a new name and home! I hope you will stay tuned to my blog: Braided Crown for new posts. The address is provided below, along with my most recent post, entitled: “Foreign Roads”.

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Happy Monday

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Drink an extra cup of coffee & fill the air with music that fills your soul. My Monday objective: Write down 5 things I am grateful for. This is an excellent way to help shift thoughts from a negative and lackluster viewpoint to positivity and fulfillment. By focusing on the great things in your life you present the opportunity to receive more abundance in your life. Start realizing the benefits of living mindfully, to let go of the past and relieve any anxieties of the future. Happy Monday!

Monochrome Winter

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A true winter has something great to offer for those who live to endure it. As our world turns into a monochromatic vision of pearly whites, and blurred grays it’s easy to yearn for the color to be brought back before the earth is ready. Relinquishing in our monochromatic circumstances guaranteed to us year after year, may be key to discovering an essential virtue: patience. So simple, clean, and pure. A monochrome vision of white on top of white symbolizes to me innocence of ¬†spirit, and a fresh open-mind and open-hearted palette.

The white, over-sized cable sweater was purchased last January from H&M. This time of year is excellent for shopping for great deals on fall/winter product as retailers are increasing markdowns in order to sell through product faster to make room for spring merchandise. The drop-waist dress was purchased from Forever21 last summer. The lace detailing, and the tiered, pleated skirt is what won me over. The asymmetrical dress was a TJ Maxx find from summer 2012! I loved the simplicity and versatility of the silhouette. I love to wear this with nude heels, cable sweater, and jeweled necklace.

Flapper Girl

Ahh the roaring twenties. A time that went down in the history books as a period encapsulating dramatic change, and economic prosperity that transcended us into the “consumer society” we are best known for today. The fruitful time was depicted this past summer when F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel: The Great Gatsby, was brought to life via film. The movie was made relevant with mixes of current music, and emphasized with bright hues throughout, capturing a happy yet dangerous time. As a result of the film, and the American desire to once again reap a time of prosperity, fashion realized this desire as well.

I purchased this drop-waist dress from Forever21 last summer. The pattern may be a little risky, at the price of appearing like a prison escapee, but I bought it anyway! The dress looks best when worn with hair up, and black pointed-toe heels. Also, the jeweled statement necklace helps to break up a harsh crew-neck.

Feast or Famine


It’s as if at times we are searching for something. Something so specific that everything down to the last detail, a zipper, a hem length even, is illustrated in our mind. It’s these items that often overwhelm our thoughtless shopping trips with little to no luck of finding that glorious piece we hold so dearly in our minds’ eye. Then when we aren’t looking for anything in particular, something out of the blue grabs our attention. This instant connection is created out of thin air. We might try it on, to only find ourselves falling in love in an instant. Our imagination races off as we dream of the events and days that would most likely be sprinkled with goodness as we adorn ourselves with this piece. While this dream dances around in our head, it’s as if the clock has struck midnight, and reality sets in. “Do I really need this? It’s over my budget. I didn’t plan for this.” We rationalize and analyze the pros and cons and most likely set it down, and walk away hoping that in the future maybe you’ll find it once more ensuring that it was indeed “meant to be.” It doesn’t always work this way. Weeks down the road, you may find that the piece would have been perfect for an unexpected dinner or interview. It is at this point that you are able to see where it could’ve have fit right in with your existing wardrobe and added to your life. Regret surfaces, and now the cycle starts again. Sometimes luck may strike, and you may find it again at a lower price point or a more suitable version, other times it is nowhere to be found. A coworker of mine recently told a story describing this “phenomena” and labeled it as: ‘feast or famine’. My eyes grew wide as finally this little quirk of life finally had a title.

I bought the jeweled necklace featured above from JCrew last August. I almost set it right back on the shelf I found it on. I usually am fine with the costume jewelry at Forever21 or Franchescas. I splurged a little and bought the necklace for around $60. The necklace whispered just enough vintage class and glamour that downplayed any overbearing effects it could have if any larger. It would cover the jeweled trend, while remaining a timeless piece if paired with the right outfits in the future. I have never regretted snatching up this necklace, and am always hounded with compliments every time I wear it. My word of advice is this: Be open-minded while on your next shopping trip, and if you do happen to stumble upon something amazing you didn’t plan for..Go for it. You never know what it could give to you in the future.

Shades of Blue

It may be a little too cold outside to adorn yourself in this favorite outfit of mine from this past fall, but I love to reminisce! The skirt is from the H&M Basics collection and the lazy t-shirt looks anything but when paired with a jeweled statement necklace and leather bomber. The top is from the Mango line at JCP and the jacket is from Target!

Keep Your Mood & Waist High

Two words: High. Waist. My favorite skinny jeans both have waist lines that grace right at or slightly below the belly-button and I promise they will look everything but an unflattering “mom jean”. The black pair is from H&M two years ago, and is still holding everything together. Literally. The high waist does a great job cinching in the waist and the elastane combined with cotton acts as a subtle form of shapewear! As much as I am an advocate of the high-waist, not all body types will reap the benefits of this subtly vintage style. Pear and apple shapes, will only find that this style will exaggerate the weight that you keep in your stomach and thighs. For these types, the stead-fast and true low-waist or regular waist denim will help you to present your best self. Like people, not all denim is created equal! So keep trying on different pairs and different waists to discover what works for you! I think H&M can be a great place to find great denim, but is more a matter of luck. For tried and true I recommend checking out Urban Outfitters. I love the BDG brand. Also, Nordstrom has an excellent assortment of designer jeans including, Paige, Hudson, & J Brand that come in many fits and fabrications.

Spring Fever

Amidst the jewel tone frenzy that has resurfaced in recent times. Pantone has declared that a rich Purple will be the color of 2014 meaning that the jeweled hue of 2013’s Emerald Green will in a sense live on. Personally, I will always prefer a great palette of pastels especially for spring! The colors speak so much femininity and freshness I find myself more and more attracted to them as I think about Spring approaching. With winter making its presence extra prominent this year, who couldn’t use some spring thoughts.